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The "Chinese English Proficiency Scale" is a requirement of the Ministry of Education Examination Center in accordance with the State Council's "Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Examination Enrollment System" to strengthen the "foreign language proficiency test system construction". The scale is developed from the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Proceeding from new needs, it has filled the international gap in many aspects, contributed Chinese wisdom to the field of international language education, and is of great significance for promoting the "one-stop" construction of foreign language education, further enriching and improving the construction of the national language standard system, and spreading Chinese stories.

The "China English Proficiency Scale" is guided by language use and divides learners' English proficiency into three stages: "basic, improved, and proficient" from low to high. There are nine levels in total, and the ability characteristics of each level are analyzed. Provide a comprehensive, clear and detailed description. The ability summary table includes the language ability summary table, as well as each Ich such as listening comprehension ability, reading comprehension ability, oral expression ability, written expression ability, organization ability, pragmatic ability, interpretation ability and translation ability.

The "China English Proficiency Scale" will be divided into nine levels. Among them, the first and second levels roughly correspond to the elementary school level, the third level corresponds to the junior high school, the fourth level corresponds to the high school, the fifth and sixth levels correspond to the university, the seventh level corresponds to the English major, and the eighth and ninth level Ich.

In 2016, the development team has completed the development of the examination syllabus for two key breakthrough levels (Level 5 and Level 6). There are already many mature English evaluation systems abroad, and China’s English Proficiency Scale will also be linked to it.

The National English Proficiency Test is a series of multi-level, coherent and orderly tests based on the Chinese English Proficiency Scale as a guideline. On this basis, the existing English test will be integrated in a timely manner, repeated tests will be reduced, and the test content and Ich will be reformed.