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Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs holds foreign language training courses

Date:2021/01/14 Type:Activities

In order to implement the "2020-2025 Hainan Province's Action Plan for Comprehensively Improving the Foreign Language Proficiency of Civil Servants in Hainan Province", to improve the foreign language proficiency and application ability of civil servants in the whole department. On November 13, the foreign language training class for civil servants of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs officially opened!

Member of the Party Group and Chief Agronomist Huang Zhengen attended and gave a speech at the opening ceremony. Wang Guangfu, Director of the Department’s Personnel Department (Industrial Talents Office) presided over the opening ceremony. A total of 120 business backbones from various offices (bureaus) of the department, the Provincial Fisheries Supervision Corps, and the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Supervision Institute participated in the training class.

Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs holds foreign language training courses

Huang Zhengen pointed out that foreign language training is an important measure to improve the professional ability and professional level of the free trade port construction of our cadres and the work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers".

For foreign language training, he put forward two requirements. One is to fully understand the significance of foreign language training. Through training, the cadres of the department should take the lead in the province's "three rural" cadres, set an example, and strive to build a high-quality and professional cadre team; the second is to clarify the learning goals and tasks. You must think diligently in your study, and strive to deeply integrate foreign language knowledge with "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" business knowledge to ensure that you have learned something and play a role in practice.

Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs holds foreign language training courses

This training invited Associate Professor Ma Haiyan of Hainan Normal University to give lectures. Professor Ma’s theme was "Basic culture and customs of Sino-foreign exchanges" and vividly presented the differences between Chinese and Western cultures and how to build Chinese and Western cultures through language. A cultural bridge, a strong classroom learning atmosphere, and a high degree of enthusiasm for participants to participate.

According to the arrangement, our office will carry out foreign language training through a combination of online and offline methods. Online use of "Hainan Foreign Language" learning software developed by Guangwai Shangrong Education Co., Ltd., combined with "English 300 Sentences" for autonomous learning, offline English teachers are invited to give lectures and exchanges for all civil servants in the office. The teaching mainly focuses on how to use English to introduce Hainan culture and relevant policies of the Free Trade Port, and how to better apply English to the work areas of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers".

Through extensive foreign language training, we will create a team of "agriculture, rural areas, and farmers" with a high level of foreign language, strong professionalism, and adapt to the needs of the construction of a free trade port. Agricultural foreign exchanges and cooperation and promoting the construction of a free trade port are of great significance.