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About Hainan Foreign Language

Date:2021/05/20 Type:Activities

Hainan Foreign Language is a local foreign language platform in Hainan. It relies on the rich educational and academic resources and profound language and cultural heritage of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, the international chemistry center of South China, gathers the industry's leading language technology support, and actively participates in the construction of Hainan's international language environment. Committed to providing foreign language teaching and foreign language services, building a comprehensive multilingual service system, improving Hainan's basic foreign language education, citizen foreign language and international cultural exchanges, and providing language and cultural support for the construction of a free trade port and Hainan's connection to the world.

 About Hainan Foreign Language

Academic support

Hainan Foreign Languages and Guangwai University signed a cooperation agreement to comprehensively promote cooperation in basic education cooperation projects, strategic research and strengthening foreign language talent training of Guangwai University in Hainan Free Trade Port, in top-level design, academic resources, achievement transformation, talent cultivation, etc. Provide high-level professional support in many ways. Establish the CSE Application Research Center to lead the close integration of language standards with the language education industry to carry out pilot trials and practices, and make every effort to promote Hainan to take the lead in docking with world-renowned language standards, and set a new benchmark for facilitating language education and services for the active development of foreign exchanges and cooperation.

Hainan Foreign Languages invited Professor Liu Jianda, the chairman of the Professional Committee of Language Testing and Evaluation of the China-English-Chinese Comparative Study Association and the group leader of the China English Proficiency Scale Project Group, as the general counsel to ensure a high level of academic and content, and to provide Hainan foreign language education and cultural industry. Come to lead the docking of resources and the world level.

Technical Support

Hainan Foreign Language is committed to providing technical support for building cloud-based, platform-based, automated, agile, and professional language education in the future, and bringing a full range of language technology solutions. The development of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and Internet of Things technology has changed the service content and service model of the language education industry.

Hainan Foreign Languages continues to explore and apply the new generation of information technology to empower language education. The language big data technology searches and teaches students according to their aptitude, builds an education cloud platform, improves the synergy, professionalism and process of language education, and creates more refined language education for language education. Many learning scenarios. Enhance learners' human-computer interaction experience and optimize the efficiency and cost of traditional education forms.

 About Hainan Foreign Language

Phased results


Propose the implementation of a supervision and evaluation project for improving foreign language proficiency, and promote the implementation and application of the Chinese English Proficiency Scale.

On June 17, 2020, Hainan Foreign Language held the "Hainan Province Comprehensively Improve the Citizens' Foreign Language Proficiency Promotion Work and Evaluation System" special meeting to discuss in-depth measures to improve citizens' foreign language proficiency, propose the implementation of a foreign language proficiency improvement action supervision and evaluation project, and actively explore foreign language proficiency Improve work evaluation standards, establish Hainan's national foreign language level improvement construction plan and evaluation standards suitable for industry and regional characteristics, promote the implementation and application of the China English Proficiency Scale (CSE Standard), and promote and standardize foreign language teaching, training and education in Hainan Province The testing activities provide a benchmark for Hainan to improve foreign language proficiency and introduce talents, drive domestic and international standards, and seize the opportunity to build an industry language test evaluation center.




Build the "Hainan Foreign Language App" foreign language learning platform to play a fundamental role in improving the foreign language of citizens and students.

On August 18, 2020, the "Hainan Foreign Languages" app was officially launched. Based on language and cultural classification, classification, and modularization, a system of "autonomous learning, automatic evaluation" was built, and online and offline learning resources were integrated, which not only reduced learning costs, but also launched High-quality courses meet the needs and innovative models of multilingual learning in the Free Trade Port. Provide Hainan citizens with an open and efficient foreign language learning platform and evaluation system, use professional resources and scientific methods to help improve the foreign language literacy and cross-cultural communication skills of Hainan citizens, and play a fundamental role in improving the foreign language of citizens and students.

Hainan Foreign Languages is connecting with the foreign language teaching and research resources of Guangwai University, combining teaching practice and foreign language reforms of the college entrance examination, and looking forward to playing an active role in promoting the level of foreign language teaching in Hainan Province and improving students' foreign language scores in the college entrance examination. The 14th Five-Year Plan of Hainan Province proposes to take the construction of an international education innovation island as a starting point, introduce cross-border education examinations and international education training and other channels to create a "study in Hainan" brand. Hainan Foreign Languages will use the CSE standard to connect with the prevailing international language standards to help the "Study in Hainan" brand.



Build a framework for foreign language training in the public service sector to play a supporting role in building an international language environment.

Foreign language training in key areas such as foreign-related police affairs, airport ports, customs border defense, and foreign-related public windows has been carried out. Based on the work scenes of various fields and units, use scientific and technological means in training to conduct detailed research, preparation of teaching materials, student testing, teaching evaluation, feedback, analysis and summary, improvement, etc., and design practical course content , Combine lectures, interactive games, drills, group seminars, presentations, out-of-home practice and other forms in the lectures, and synchronize online independent learning and offline teaching courses.

Hainan's foreign language learning-evaluation-application, combining solid content with cutting-edge technology, realizing multi-resource integration and multi-platform linkage, building a national foreign language improvement system in Hainan Free Trade Port, and upgrading Hainan's party and government agencies, enterprises and institutions at all levels , The international level and cross-cultural communication skills of public service personnel have simultaneously established a foreign language talent pool for relevant departments, which has been widely praised.

Foreign language training units that Hainan Foreign Language has carried out: Hainan Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China, Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Hainan Provincial Public Security Department, Hainan Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, Haikou City Taxation Bureau, Qiongshan District Education Bureau, Wenchang City Education Research Training Center, Wenchang Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, etc.



Hainan Foreign Language provides comprehensive language services for the first China International Consumer Goods Fair.

Hainan Foreign Languages established a language service consulting booth and became the language partner of the first China International Consumer Goods Fair. We provide exhibitors, buyers, and consumers with scene-based, product-based, and intelligent language service solutions, covering multilingual foreign language training, Multilingual translation services, national culture and communication etiquette training, free trade port business training, business agency and agency services. At the same time, it provides language service software and hardware support such as artificial intelligence translators and simultaneous interpretation equipment, and provides a full range of language services for the first consumer expo.




Carry out a number of measures to create a strong atmosphere for foreign language learning.

Since Hainan has successively promulgated the “Action Plan for Comprehensively Raising Citizens’ Foreign Language Proficiency in Hainan Province”, a foreign language learning boom has been set off across the province. An English speech contest was launched within the province, and the international language institutes were working together to gather their minds and compile the Free Trade Port Foreign Language Series and the Free Trade Port Foreign Language Series to provide comprehensive, systematic and accurate reference books for people from all walks of life at home and abroad to learn foreign languages. Citizens' foreign language cultural literacy and cross-cultural communication skills will help promote the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.


Establish Hainan Foreign Language Cultural Education and Service Center to provide language services for national strategic and international exchanges and cooperation.

The Hainan Foreign Language Cultural Education and Service Center takes the promotion of the Chinese English Proficiency Scale (CSE Standard) in line with internationally accepted standards as its starting point, and focuses on improving the current level of basic foreign language education in Hainan, and then gathers a group of foreign language service industries and foreign languages. The education and training industry has formed a layout of the entire industry chain, forming a "standard-application-industry-talent" circular development ecology, condensing wisdom, gathering funds, attracting talents, cultivating industries, and promoting development for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.

The center gathers foreign language education and training, foreign language services, foreign language experience, foreign language culture and the deep integration of the technology industry, innovation and entrepreneurship incubation, and driving the formation of foreign language cultural industries as its main tasks. It builds a rich, innovative, and full-blown business and government exchanges between countries around the world. The dynamic platform plans to build a foreign language cultural education and service center across the province to play a constructive role in China's implementation of a higher level of openness and international cooperation.


The main services of Hainan Foreign Language include: multilingual foreign language training, multilingual translation services, national culture and communication etiquette training, free trade port business training, business agency and agency services, industry textbook compilation and learning evaluation. With the care and support of relevant departments of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, Hainan Foreign Languages will adhere to the concept of "enabling, connecting, and far-reaching", and shoulder the mission of foreign language culture for the construction of a free trade port and Hainan to connect the world. We have a long distance in our hearts, and we will work for a long time!