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The 2021 Wenchang Cadre Free Trade Port English Salon has successfully concluded

Date:2021/07/09 Type:Activities

On July 8, the English Salon of Wenchang Cadre Free Trade Port English Ability Improvement Training Class was successfully held in Wenchang New Party School.

In this English Salon, Hainan Foreign Languages invited the foreign teacher John of Hainan Foreign Languages Vocational College to share English learning skills with the students. The foreign teacher combined his rich teaching experience and put forward practical and efficient learning suggestions for the students, and also gave the students how to learn English. Answer the questions you have encountered. The relaxed and pleasant classroom environment allows students to quickly feel the international cultural atmosphere of their native country.

The English Salon takes the form of a group competition. We divide the students into six groups and set up 3 competition links, namely "You describe me to guess", "English tongue twisters" and "English song guessing", each link integrates English learning into the activity. The trainees were enthusiastic and all actively engaged in the game. Applause, cheers, questions, and discussions are intertwined with the students, and they can experience the richness and fun of English culture together.

At the end of the event, Hainan Foreign Languages presented awards to the winning team and invited the foreign teacher John to summarize the English salon. The trainees highly appreciated Hainan Foreign Language's salon planning this time, and expressed that Hainan Foreign Language really did let the trainees speak English and speak English boldly!

The 2021 Wenchang Cadre Free Trade Port English Salon has successfully concluded