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"Tax English" thematic skills improvement training class has started!

Date:2020/11/03 Type:Activities

The Hainan Provincial Government's "Hainan Province Comprehensive Improvement of Citizens' Foreign Language Proficiency Action Plan" and the Hainan Provincial Party Committee Organization Department's "Hainan Province's Comprehensive Improvement of Civil Servants' Foreign Language Proficiency Action Plan 2020-2025" document spirit, to enhance the use of foreign languages by taxation service staff for international communication and exchanges And the ability to carry out work, to better serve the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port. On October 24, Hainan Qiaoxia Labor Service Dispatching Co., Ltd. and "Hainan Foreign Language" organized a training course on "Tax English" special skills, and nearly 50 Haikou City Taxation Bureau window service staff attended.

"Tax English" thematic skills improvement training class has started!

This training is taught by Feng Jun, associate professor of Hainan University. Professor Feng takes "Cross-Cultural Communication and Tax Service English" as the theme. The first half of the course compares the differences between Chinese and foreign cultures. Through humorous lectures, the students are guided to learn and gradually master Basic everyday language and international cultural etiquette. The second half introduces professional foreign language learning in the field of tax services, and the teaching content is wonderful, detailed and practical.

"Tax English" thematic skills improvement training class has started!

Professor Feng encouraged all students to get rid of fear of difficulties, break self-limitation, and learn foreign languages with a positive attitude, starting from speaking, and taking the first step courageously. In terms of learning methods, we should persevere in learning with the spirit of selling oil, so that practice makes perfect.

"Tax English" thematic skills improvement training class has started!

Under the leadership of Professor Feng, the trainees went from speaking timidly to accurately speaking the terms of tax services.

After a short period of two hours, the trainees expressed that they had benefited a lot. This training is organized by Hainan Foreign Language. Foreign language learning requires long-term accumulation and continuous practice. After class, it is supplemented by online self-learning on the "Hainan Foreign Language" APP. The "Hainan Foreign Language" APP combines China’s Standards of English Language Ability (CSE) to establish a foreign language learning and training system and a scientific, web-based formative evaluation system. Putting the class in your pocket, students can use the fragmented time to learn and evaluate independently at any time and anywhere, to achieve good learning results, and to better contribute to the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port in their work.