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Police English Training Initiative Officially Starts

Date:2023/09/05 Type:Company news

On September 5, 2023, the Police English Training officially commenced its first lesson at the Baisha Li Autonomous County Public Security Bureau. This training initiative is organized by HAINANFL.COM to support the Hainan Provincial Public Security Department in implementation of the "2020-2025 Hainan Provincial Action Plan for Comprehensively Improving the Foreign Language Proficiency of Civil Servants" and the "Hainan Provincial Foreign Language Training and Testing Program for Staff Working at Service Windows." It is also a specific action taken to address the challenges posed by the "pressure test for the independent customs operations." The objective is to promote foreign language proficiency of front-line police officers, enhance their communication abilities, and improve and optimize Hainan's international law-enforcement environment.


During the class, Deputy Director Su first emphasized the significance of this training, which is to cultivate the backbone with high level of proficiency in police foreign languages to meet the development requirements of the Hainan Free Trade Port (FTP). Additionally, Deputy Director Su outlined the learning requirements; and stressed the importance for participants to improve their awareness, to cherish the learning opportunities, to study diligently, to realize a sense of urgency about learning, and to achieve the training goal of putting what they have learned into practise.


The trainer for this activity is Professor Xie Bangxiu from HAINANFL.COM's Teaching Department and Hubei University of Police. Professor Xie  thoroughly communicated with Deputy Director Lin before the class, proactively assessed the trainees' English foundations and previous learning content, and made adequate preparations for the training.

Professor Xie believes that encouraging police officers to speak confidently is the key to improving their English communication abilities.  Therefore, this training consisted of English phrases closely related to frontline police officers’ work and common greetings, all of which could be immediately put into use by the police officers.

Police officers from Baisha Li Autonomous County Public Security Bureau actively cooperated and earnestly studied during the class, thanks to Professor Xie's encouragement. The leadership of the bureau also attached great importance to the training. These factors contributed to the success of this activity.


The training is organized and carried out by the HAINANFL.COM, under the guidance of the Provincial Department's Education and Training Division. The HAINANFL.COM has carefully prepared for the activity, provided high-quality educational services and instructional management, and achieved a positive outcome in promoting practical training and application.

As the independent customs operations are approaching, HAINANFL.COM will continue to adhere to its mission of "working together to create a shared future." While actively organizing and hosting various language services and education research activities, the company will give top priority to keep user and student personal information safe. This commitment aims to consistently support the optimization of Hainan's international language environment and better fulfill the significant historical mission of accelerating the development of the Hainan Free Trade Port.