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Have you got the English blessings for the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox? !

Date:2021/08/10 Type:Daily reading

Lunar calendar

Little New Year

The Spring Festival

The Lantern Festival


Pay a New Year's call

Spring Festival couplets

New Year's Eve dinner

Lucky money Lucky money

Spring Festival gala

Haircut Have a haircut

Set off firecrackers


Puppet show

Chinese knot Chinese knot

Lion dance

Treasures fill the home.

Peace all year round.

Harmony brings wealth.

Everything goes well. 


The country is prosperous and the people are healthy.

I wish you success in your career and prosperity.

Wish you a happy and happy new year.

I wish you success in your career and a happy family.

May your New Year be dazzling, and may your New Year be brilliant! Happy Holidays!

May you have all the good wishes for the New Year.

Happy New Year and good health!


I wish you good luck in the Year of the Ox.

On the wonderful and lively New Year’s Eve, I wish you a new year and a blessing, and your wealth will grow for thousands of years.

Send you New Year's Eve greetings, wish you a happy family, happy New Year's Eve! 

Unforgettable tonight laugh, happiness and good luck roll in; New Year's Eve, I hope you eat, drink well, family reunion happy and unfettered! 

New Year's greetings to you: you are not fat, you are the most beautiful person in front of others; with money in hand, you are laughing in your dreams.